Complete Style Makeover


Complete Style Makeover

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Personal Stylists are not a luxury anymore, it is an opportunity that everybody should have.

And now you can!


With Complete Style Makeover, we will:

- make your body shape analysis to see what fits best for your body shape

- make a colour analysis to see which colours fit your skin, hair and eye colour best

- make your style personality analysis with Style Personality Quiz

- make your closet analysis with real decisions on what works and what doesn’t for your body shape

- find what works from your closet and mix and match from the clothing items you own

- create a list of items necessary to purchase so the holes of some outfit combinations could be filled

- go shopping together 2 x 2 hours or 1 x 4 hours 

- with the knowledge of your personal style, body shape and closet analysis, we will create a Look-book for your further reference

- learn how to plan your outfits with the use of Fashion Planner

- additional 5 styling chats via email, WhatsApp or Viber