Shopping Friend

Your shopping partner for any occasion is here! 

Personal Shopping

Let me take you to the stores you like to shop from and the ones I think that will suit you and your styling needs, your body shape, your lifestyle, your age, and most of all your budget.

Don’t be seduced by shop assistants and purchase things that in their words look good on you but you don’t need it. Spend your money wisely and on the things you need and that you will actually wear. 

The goal here is to save you money and time and make your shopping fun and relaxed. 


27.00 € / h


Going to a wedding, some special anniversary or just Christmas is near, and you want your gifts to be unique and memorable.

You don’t want to spend too much time searching for the right gift? 

I offer you assistance in searching and purchasing a unique gift for any occasion whether it is a birthday, any type of holiday, a graduation, corporate gifting and more.

People will remember you long time after the event. 

We will:

- get the idea of a perfect gift for the occasion through a little chat

- arrange the budget for the gift

- select the stores where to shop

- go and shop together or me alone for you 


27.00 € / h

Other services available: