Stylish hotline! 

You find yourself in front of the mirror at home or in the store and you don’t know what to do…

Stylish Hotline

You don’t know what shoes to wear for the new outfit you purchased?

What accessories to use to renew the old little black dress?

Big social event, panic!, what to choose from two outfits?

You need my point of view on the outfit combination you created?

Where to find your ideal coat?

Which lipstick colour suits you best?

And million other questions and issues you come across in your life..just contact your stylish hotline!

Ask me a question par email or WhatsApp or Viber and I will answer it personally within 24 hours! 

This innovative hotline works like this: for all the styling and fashion questions send a question par email, WhatsApp or Viber. After the payment is made and received, you have a possibility to start 5 different styling chats in 30 days and you'll receive the answer in 24h. 

Ask at: or +385 98 315 352


40.00 €

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