My name is Tina


I always thought that being nosey about people’s lives is a very bad habit and poking in mine is not of everybody’s business. But, as many times before I changed my mind. So for all the curious, as I am myself, here is my story.

I had a happy childhood in a small village, today a second town in a county, near the sea where I lived with my family, relatives and friends. Oh, yes, I forgot to write it, this was in the 80-ies. It was interesting, we didn’t have Coca Cola or Levi Strauss jeans (I had to order it from my relatives in the USA to bring it to me when they visited) but my mother had her own seamstress that we all went to for beautiful and unique pieces that I wear even today. I had always the best dresses and I had to look like princess. Hahahaha. So funny. I changed a lot from those days. I am more a rebellion today then a princess.

But that proves it, I was always into fashion. And I was always a little bit special, always communicative and friendly but never too attached. I always had my own ideas and ways to do things.

Then the ugly 90-ies. The war and everything. It was terrible but not that terrible as in other parts of Croatia and in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Better to forget and think about nice things. 

Later on, the war was over but the consequences were and still are terrible. The mess, the chaos, the injustice is too much for me. 

In 1997. I went to university and studied Culture and Tourism. For studying in another city after the war was not so easy for my parents so I had to work myself. I’ve been to Italy as a babysitter for 6 months during 2 years where I learnt Italian and earned some money. I could pay for my driving licence and some other things a young woman needed; clothes, make-up, trips, parties. It was a very nice period of my life. I loved Italy. My mind opened a little bit. I got to know other ways of life, work, different opinions. I started to change, I would say develop or even better, evolve.  

Since I’ve worked as a baby-sitter in Italy I thought I could do that in Germany too. I could learn German in, for me, the best and easiest way possible, at site. So I went. I was in Berlin for one whole year and loved every second of it. 

Berlin became my biggest love. Living there, and I mean ‘live’ under living there, opened my mind, my eyes and my heart thoroughly. I discovered freedom. Freedom of choice, freedom of speech, freedom of expression. Living there channeled my attitude and way of thinking in the future in a totally different way from I was living until then. Modern, multicultural, liberal, openminded, free. Like Berlin, I discovered these attributes in me too. And I am happy I did.

 My Own Life/Style Tip For You:

"My mother though me elegance and use of accessories and how to distinguish what is nice and what not, but my travels thought me to be open minded, to try everything so you can build your own opinion about it but never forget to be yourself and stick to it." 

Where I worked all this time is not that interesting because all the jobs I did in the last decade or so didn’t have much to do with fashion. Every 1 or 2 or 3 years I was changing jobs and today I know why. It was not the job that was bad, it was me that did’t feel that passion and joy doing it, as I do now. 

All the time during my life I had a feeling, a sent for fashion. Buying clothes, shoes, jewellery . . . styling it with each other . . . dressing up for the occasions or just dressing up for myself . . . tailoring and sawing together with my mother . . . helping my friends to buy and to style. This was not only because I am a woman and most women do it but for me it is a passion and a pleasure to do it. I enjoy doing it. 

I’ve been thinking about my own business for a while but never had courage and clear idea how and what and when and blah blah blah. Excuses, excuses. A year ago ‘Become A Fashion Blogger’ Online Course crossed my path and I got a clear vision what I want to do. I finished the course, I launched my fashion and lifestyle blog but worked in a hotel regularly. What that hotel job did to my mental and physical health was not nice at all but it made me stronger in my decision to give it all up and go pursue my dream of having my own business.

And here I am. Building my dream in fashion, styling and online business. I feel great! Never better and never healthier. 

'6 things you didn't know about me' video 

6 things you didn't know about me video